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GIS And Remote Sensing

GIS And Remote Sensing

Phenomenal Workforce India is recognized as a global, industry leading company that specializes in geospatial (GIS) and remote sensing technology and solutions for utility, telecommunication, and government organizations.

Our Geospatial Division consists of a unique blend of highly specialized GIS professionals that have significant experience in the deployment of GIS and remote sensing technology and come from diverse areas within the GIS industry and community. Within our Geospatial Division, Phenomenal Workforce India offers a full range of products and services in the areas of data management, application development, and consulting to help our clients successfully plan, implement, and support GIS technology and data.

We provides wide range of services using remote sensing by assisting its clients in mapping large areas of interest by using satellite images from various sensors and color bands for client specific requirement such as mapping land use and cover, agriculture, soil mapping, forestry, city planning, archaeological investigations, military observations, geo-morphological surveying etc. For over a decade, we have been delivering targeted business solutions using the latest information technologies and geospatial capabilities.

Phenomenal Workforce India offers comprehensive solutions globally. These include solutions and services for creating and updating digital geospatial databases.

One of Phenomenal Workforce India ‘s key strengths is its ability to convert large volumes of paper maps and drawings to digital format with quick turn-around times. i-Infotech are capable for managing complex conversion projects, which require creation of data from multiple sources of varying scales, vintages, and quality.

These sources could be a combination of topographic maps, CAD drawings, satellite imagery, aerial photographs or observations from field surveys. i-Infotech ‘s integrated processes for conversion include scanning, digitizing (heads-up and tablet), data layering, fitting/geopositioning, statistical batch quality assurance/quality control, and translation into final output.

Parcel mapping services is one of the most important aspects of Geographic Information System (GIS). Strict requirements are needed for services in parcel mapping for the parcel map must be bereft of any error.

Parcel Mapping is the process in which land parcels are created. These maps comprise of polygons which are created from the base map, which shows the details of the ownership of the properties and related information. The base maps are the cadastral maps showing each individual plots in different sub divisions. The land parcels are the fundamental data layer on which different data are referenced.

Phenomenal Workforce India have professionally skilled team to execute parcel mapping and related projects with precision that fulfill client’s requirements in unbeatable time frame and competitive cost.

  • To maintain an official cartographic record of land surveys
  • Helps in evaluation of taxation and assists to keep ownership records.
  • Used for town planning
  • Land use change


  • Scanning of paper map
  • Identify and collect ground control points
  • Geo referencing the scanned map
  • Database design
  • Digitization
  • Quality Check
  • Quality Assurance

Topographic mapping services are the most widely used category among all maps. In topographic maps, the contour lines are used to show the elevation and shape of the land. This feature distinguishes topographic maps from all the other kinds of maps.

Topographic Maps are essential instruments for a variety of monitoring and planning activities. compatibility of topographic mapping services. Even the government departments opt for digital mapping information for their networks.

Phenomenal Workforce India Services experts are working on large-scale thematic and topographic mapping projects for clients around the globe. Projects can be reliably designed to time constraints and budget lines, and Phenomenal Workforce India services usually relies on in-country mapping expertise in the course of such projects.

Topographic mapping has been an integral part of a country’s cartography.Phenomenal Workforce India produce Improved information to deliver new maps. World wide acceptance of computer produced maps has accelerated the use of computer compatibility of topographic mapping services. Even the government departments opt for digital mapping information for their networks.

The Cadastral maps are a comprehensive register of the detailed real property of an area. This includes the precise location, dimensions, and other geographical classifications of properties, and individual parcels of land.

Cadastral mapping is done from hard copies of the administrative maps, which specifies the details of each plot, roads, railway lines, water bodies, vegetation, etc. Cadastral mapping leads to effective management of public land records. The cadastral maps are linked with a backend database which has details of each plot, and their attributes.

Phenomenal Workforce India undertakes large scale cadastral mapping projects which includes

  • Scanning of hard copy maps
  • digitization of the maps using proper layer structure
  • Geo-referencing the individual maps
  • Merging the individual cadastral maps to a single map pertaining to a specific area.

Cadastral maps also show additional details, such as survey district names, unique identifying numbers for parcels, certificate of title numbers, positions of existing structures, section or lot numbers and their respective areas, adjoining and adjacent street names, selected boundary dimensions and references to prior maps.

The intent of the classification process is to categorize all pixels in a digital image into one of several land cover classes, or “themesThe objective of image classification is to identify and portray, as a unique gray level (or color), the features occurring in an image in terms of the object or type of land cover these features actually represent on the ground.

Phenomenal Workforce India employs a variety of automated classification methodologies, supplemented by manual techniques, to generate image classifications. These methodologies consist of land-cover/land-use classifications and change-detection analyses, including binary change maps and thematic maps of land-cover changes. We work closely with you to define the classifications’ thematic scheme and provide you with summary statistics, assessments of the resulting maps’ accuracy, and poster-quality graphics for your use.

Utility providers confront various challenges while planning, designing and implementing their operations. Natural catastrophes, sabotages and other industrial accidents can cause critical disruptions to the distribution and supply of Utilities to millions of people. GIS-based data management systems and solutions developed by Phenomenal Workforce India team help the Utilities providers to leverage operational efficiency, provide superior services and manage cost effectively.

Phenomenal Workforce India utility mapping service include many segments including the land base creation, system modelling, circuit map creation, raster to vector map conversion and work order updates. We work with high-end software such as AutoCAD, Microstation for utility mapping. Our highly skilled professionals blend the technologies of digital mapping from variety of sources including aerial photographs, satellite images, GPS field data and existing maps to create the GIS database.

We specialize in utility mapping which consists of many different services including full system digitization, system modelling, land base creation, revisions, work order updates, circuit map creation and Paper to CAD map conversion.

Effective operations, supply, and protection of the environment requires accurate canonic data and we at Phenomenal Workforce India guarantee to offer you the same through our utility mapping services. We believe in the philosophy of working together with clients to deliver projects on time and on budget. Over the past decade, we have built a reputation as one of the leading utility mapping service providers. Cost reductions and safety enhancements can be realized during the design and construction phases of a project by comprehensive mapping of all underground infrastructures with geophysical technology.

Phenomenal Workforce India has immense experience in developing most effective solutions for urban development and planning. We have had the opportunity to work with development authorities in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan under various projects for planning and GIS system development. i-Infotech has hand on experience in urban planning projects and provides the following services for Urban Planning.


  • Creation and Generation of Land cover map
  • Integrating Socio-Economic survey on MIS and GIS data
  • Our urban planning service includes
  • Preparation of Master Plans for cities
  • Special urban area plans
  • Development of satellite towns
  • Industrial parks
  • Educational and commercial centers
  • Port towns
  • Beach resorts
  • Tourist and pilgrimage centers

Geological mapping is done to show geological features. It provides geographical and physical data required for computational services for industries working world wide. We outsource geological mapping services with cost effective means. This data is produced to depict the shape, size, structure of the objects shown on geographical maps.

Our geologists offer a comprehensive range of onshore geological mapping services to the oil, gas and minerals industries, including structural and lithological interpretation and detailed fracture analysis utilizing various sources of satellite imagery and digital elevation models. At Phenomenal Workforce India, all geological mapping information and other data sets are digitally managed and archives, using GIS maps and relational databases with high-quality map production.

A typical interpretation identifies:

  • Orientation and dip of bedding surfaces
  • Major and minor faults and their classification
  • Fold axial traces and direction of fold plunge
  • Stratigraphic boundaries (including identification of lithological type and the mapping of potential source and reservoir rocks)
  • Structurally controlled drainage
  • Geomorphological features
  • Superficial (drift) deposits
  • Artificial deposits
  • Mass movement deposits

Our Studies are performed within a GIS to facilitate integration of ancillary exploration data such as potential field, seismic and well data supplied by the customer.

The Land cover reflects the biophysical state of the earth’s surface and immediate subsurface, thus embracing the soil material, vegetation, and water. Land use refers to man’s activities on land which are directly related to the land. Land use and land cover are dynamic. Changes may involve the nature or intensity of change but may also include spatial (forest abatement at village level, or for a large-scale agro industrial plant), and time aspects. Land use/ Land cover changes also involve the modification, either direct or indirect, of natural habitats and their impact on the ecology of the area.

Land Use Land Cover features have been precisely captured through on-screen visual interpretation and digitally on fused very high resolution (0.60 m, Quick Bird) and medium to coarse resolution (LISS IV, LISS III) satellite imagery. Provision of such maps helps town planners in effective and best possible utilization of its resources besides providing a comprehensive view of the total area Phenomenal Workforce India has qualified remote sensing professionals with experiences in different domains.

The team has developed several processes and algorithm to semi-automate the process of image classification especially to generate Land-use/Land-cover data. It has the experience in creation of Land use/Land cover data using various resolutions ranging from 0.5m to as coarse as 250m.

By using remotely sensed imagery and semi-automated classification methods, Phenomenal Workforce India provides cost-effective and accurate means to derive land resource information and maintain its currency into the future.

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