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  • B-493 main 25 futa road nehru vihar delhi 110094
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Flood Mapping

Flood Mapping

A Core Component of Flood Risk Management
Flood Mapping shows the map of the area which could get flooded if the water level rises to a particular elevation. A flood map is a risk assessment tool used to help determine the different flooding risks in a community.

Understanding Flood Facts and FEMA Flood Zone Information
Flooding can happen anywhere, but certain areas are especially prone to serious flooding. To help communities understand their risk, flood maps (Flood Insurance Rate Maps, FIRMs) have been created by FEMA to show the locations of high-risk areas, moderate-to-low risk areas, and undetermined-risk areas.

Flood Determination Services
A Risk Report and Flood Determination is perfect for anyone who has been notified by their lender or insurer that they are required to purchase flood insurance with little or no evidence why, and find they are not in a FEMA designated high-risk flood zone.

Flood Determination is a unique product specifically developed for commercial and construction lending. We make it possible for you to receive large-tract determinations with building-specific information to ensure that you know which buildings fall within the special flood hazard area. We provide solutions designed to help you make decisions early in the loan process. We use advanced technology to streamline the entire process. We also utilize our strong industry background to better understand the unique needs associated with your day-to-day workload. We make the flood zone determination, certification and map-tracking process smooth and efficient. Our focus is to provide customers with the highest automated hit rates, fast turn times, impeccable accuracy and exceptional customer service.

Flood Zone Certification
All Flood Determination (certifications) is based on the currently effective FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). To obtain a fast and accurate response, we process the Flood Determination through our comprehensive database of digital maps, parcel boundaries, geocoding software, street maps, tax maps, plats, aerial and satellite photos and previously determined properties.

Why RNW Group for Flood Determination

  • RNW Group is one of the most cost effective and reliable service provider in the area of Geoinformatics.
  • A proven track record, cutting-edge technologies, in-house domain experts, Exceptional skills, experience and vision.
  • ‘Flood frequency analysis’ is used for the statistical analysis of flood peaks.
  • RNW Group is having knowledge of legal descriptions, parcel id numbers, tax, lot, and block numbers, etc.
  • The knowledge of the probability of flood hydrographs is necessary for many problems in water management.
  • Understanding of theoretical fundamentals and the procedure for a statistical analysis.
  • Our flood technician uses PLSS (Public Land Survey System) metes and bounds system and section.
  • Understanding of hydrology, extreme flood peak estimation, regional flood frequency analysis, regionalization, regression.

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